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How to Become a Shop of Sanctuary

How can Charity Shops be recognised with a Sanctuary Award?

To receive a Sanctuary Award, charity shops must show that they have met the minimum criteria for each of the key processes of Learn, Embed and Share, which underpin all Sanctuary awards.  Specifically, Shops of Sanctuary should demonstrate that they have achieved the following three criteria:

  • Learn – Training and learning opportunities are provided for shop staff & volunteers on refugee, asylum, and sanctuary issues.
  • Embed – Shop management includes refugee and asylum issues in its regular operations such as volunteer inductions and staff trainings.
  • Share – A shop’s welcoming activities are shared in store displays, signage or on social media or via public events.

To become recognised as a Shop of Sanctuary, a shop should:

1) Sign an organisational pledge of support and post it on a shop display and join the CoS national newsletter mailing list.

2) Get in contact with their nearest local City of Sanctuary group or Regional Coordinator to learn more about the process and to see what partnering and support activities can be developed.

3) Undertake at least two activities under each of the Learn, Embed & Share processes in the Shops of Sanctuary Assessment tool ensure that the minimum criteria have been achieved.

4) Submit the completed assessment tool evidencing how the shop has implemented the Learn, Embed, and Share processes and met the minimum criteria to the nearest CoS group or Regional Coordinator.

5) Celebrate the award by holding an event!